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Recycled Cutting Oil Services

Choosing the wrong recycled cutting oil can be devastating to your profits.

Tooling costs will skyrocket, quality levels will drop, and production times will jump. Likewise, choosing not to protect the environment can greatly reduce the quality of life for everyone around us.

Oil Chem’s reclaimed cutting oil service helps bring both worlds together by keeping your profits big and your environmental footprint small. Our experienced technicians will travel to your facility to review your specific needs and develop a plan to help you save money by dramatically reducing your cost for cutting oil, all while helping maintain a sustainable environment.

Cutting Oil Recycling Capabilities

We offer reclaimed cutting oil services throughout the entire United States, as well as Canada, Mexico, China, Korea and Europe.  Depending on location, we offer various recycling programs at the customers’ facility.

We process millions of gallons of industrial waste each year and our team continually pushes the boundaries to develop new methods and processes to convert recycled waste into responsible, cost-effective products for business. As an established full-service, non-hazardous waste treatment facility, we are aggressively involved in the development of new markets for recyclable, reclaimed, and re-refined oils.

Cutting Oil – A Renewable Resource

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 200 million gallons of oil are disposed of improperly or illegally every year. Much of that oil can be recycled. When oil is used as a lubricant the oil simply becomes “dirty” and can almost always be cleaned to meet the originating specifications or repurposed for use for an alternative application.

Can My Cutting Oil be Recycled?

Many factors come into play when determining if your waste oil is eligible for recycled cutting oil services. Here are just a few factors we use to make this determination:

– Volume of available oil
– Whether or not other liquid contaminants have been mixed with the oil
– Difficulty level for extraction
– Proximity to our treatment facility

In most cases, simply testing a sample of your cutting oil will tell us the majority of the story. If you’d like us to test a sample, call us at (810) 235-3040 or email sales@oilcheminc.com to get started.

Quality Oil Reclamation

When it comes to repurposing a product used for manufacturing, we understand that a high level of quality control must be maintained throughout the production process. We thoroughly test every gallon of oil before and after it is processed to guarantee accuracy.

Our unique quality control systems, combined with a team of specialized chemical technicians and complete on-site lab help ensure that every batch will meet or exceed the manufacturer’s original specifications.

We’re Here to Help

Let’s tighten up your bottom line while helping to preserve the environment. Put our reclaimed cutting oil service to work for you today. Call (810) 235-3040 or email sales@oilcheminc.com to get started, or simply click the button below to send us a quick message.

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